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How to Create a New Team

To create a new team, enter a team Name, Founder, Email and Password, twice. Then click the Create button. Optionally, set a link to the team's home page in URL and a link to an image in Logo URL.

A valid email address is required to reset the team password.

You will need the team password to make any modifications.

Tip: You can also use the Check to see if a team Name is already taken or to lookup team info.

How to Modify an Existing Team

To modify a existing team, enter the Team number and any of Founder, Email, URL, or Logo URL plus the team Password, twice. Then click the Modify button.

Tip: After entering a Team number you can click the Lookup button to lookup team info.

How to Reset a Team's Password

There are two steps to resetting a team's password.

  1. Request a password reset code by entering a Team number then clicking Request. A reset code will be sent to the team's email address.
  2. Once you've obtained a Reset Code, enter it, the Team number and Password, twice, then click the Reset button.

How to Delete a Team

To delete a team, enter its Team number and Password, twice. Then click Delete.

You can only delete a team if it hasn't completed any work units.

How to Get Help

Visit and post a question to get help.

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